Why you need to learn trading

Beginners tend to cling to any information they think might be useful. In fact, even experienced traders stumble on this.

Sometimes the arguments in favor of certain strategies, indicators and other tools based on technical analysis seem convincing. Often, their creators give positive examples, which is what bribes gullible traders. As a rule, they pursue mercantile goals, for example, to promote their trading bot or attract an audience through their broker affiliate link. Agree, hardly anyone will share strategies for free that can bring consistently high income. Of course, this does not mean that they do not work.

Most likely, they do not bring stable results, or their effectiveness is far from ideal, or they are simply used for advertising purposes: “Do you want better? Pay!”. But why pay for dubious trading algorithms when you can learn crypto trading and then create your own, perhaps more effective trading systems.


Learning to trade saves time and resources

If you are a beginner and are learning crypto trading from scratch, then you can easily get confused, not knowing what to approach.

The Internet is full of various tips, indicators and strategies. But you do not know how experienced their creators are in trading and what results they have.

In addition, it is not clear exactly how the authors of the strategies use them in their trading: they put them on display, but most often they do not explain how to use them and in what situations they are suitable.For example, indicators that can help a trader during a trend will be completely useless during a flat or strong market fluctuations. Therefore, in order to know which tools to use and in what cases, it is necessary to understand the principles of the crypto market.

Self-study will require much more time than training. Not to mention the losses that a trader will incur by making mistakes, because he may not understand what he is doing wrong. Wouldn’t it be better to spend this money on quality education, while saving time searching for suitable materials? Of course, there are also free courses.

To start, they may be enough – so you will understand the basics and learn how to make the first transactions on the stock exchange. But if you want to understand the intricacies of crypto trading, then free materials will not be enough.



Video tutorials and webinars are very popular, they can be used to demonstrate in real time how to trade in the financial markets.

Such material is absorbed faster, and there are fewer questions. By watching trading training videos, you can get to know the teachers better.

Typically, YouTube is used to promote more in-depth courses that can only be accessed through private channels. Also, during broadcasts and reviews, you can understand how competent the teachers or the team are, what they offer, and whether their course is suitable for you individually.

By the way, TT Academy has its own YouTube channel, where experienced traders talk about crypto trading and give subscribers a lot of useful information.


Online Universities

There are online universities like Udemy or Coursera that offer crypto trading courses for both beginners and advanced traders. There is a lot of useful information to be found there.

But online courses on such resources also have their drawbacks. For example, if there are courses on crypto trading in Russian, then there are few, and you can hardly find them in foreign online universities. Even simple free materials will be difficult to master if you do not speak English well.


Forums and analytical resources

There you can read publications of experienced analysts and traders, as well as communicate with other traders, share experiences, analyze trading mistakes, etc.

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